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● Targeted Traffic
● Contextual Brand Connect
● Brand Engagement with the Audience
● Increased Leads. Sales and Sustained Profitability

Consumers place their trust in brands that help them take better decisions that are informed. The Content marketing services that we provide allow you to build Thought Leadership among your target audience. Increase your leads, sales and profitability with India’s best content marketing agency.


You can take advantage of our Content marketing Srvices to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating content, that is relevant and valuable, with the objective to influence consumer behaviour. At Plugin Head we believe that Content Marketing is an ongoing process and is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy. It’s focus is on owning media, not renting it. Therefore our Content Marketing Services experts will be working with your marketing team to build the content stream based on your Brand Identity and Positioning.
Content Marketing
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Tell Your Story

Content is the language which your brand uses to attract and interact with your customers. We can all try to be pen-pushers, but are you generating the right content? Communication is vital in all walks of life. When it comes to digital marketing, presenting your brand in the best possible light so that you can get the attention of the right customer is crucial. Plugin Head can help you with content creation for your website and more. Headquartered in Delhi-NCR, India we offer you a range of digital marketing services that will make your brand stand out among others.
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How will we support you through Content marketing Services?

Deliver accurate and consistent Consumer-Centric content across all distribution channels enabled by our ‘Content Marketing Services’. Our Content Management Solution will deliver consistency and positive experience whether consumers visit your website to make a purchase, conduct research by using their mobile device, or place a call to your consumer contact centre with a question, or go to your store to ask a question. Our Content Marketing Strategy experts at Plugin Heads will develop

●  Unique and rich product content
●  Storefronts that perform in terms of conversions, reductions in return rates and desired

customer outcome

●  Improved usability
●  Counter the competition with added features (Sizing charts, images and video, feature

lists, colour swatches and recommendations in the form of cross-selling and up-sell


●  Customer-generated reviews, ratings, tags and categorisation

While executing a content marketing strategy, here are a few things we lay particular emphasis on:

●  Web Analytics: The who, what, why, when, and where of customers and their shopping behavior. A clear picture of the visitor’s experience.
●  SEO: Make it easy for people to find you when they are in need of your help, services, and products.
●  Responsive web design: Let people see you without worrying about what tool they are using to reach out to you. They should feel a sense of elation by visiting your website from their laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. The user interface we design for you is always responsive.

Content Writing Services

Content is king in the virtual world. You must have quality content on your website if you want your brand to become more visible. An eye-catching, engaging, sharply written and one that gets your message across clearly is the hallmark of good content. This is exactly the reason why The Economist has the edge over Time.
Plugin Heads as your content writing company provides you with relevant, clean, and original optimized content that helps your website (and business) stay relevant, get more hits and generate
the required buzz, via your marketing campaign. These are the factors that make Plugin Heads the best among the content writing companies in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, and Chandigarh.
Content Writing Services
Website content Writing
If Content Is King Then Conversion Is Queen

Website Content Writing Services

It is not enough to have good content on the internet- It is also important that the content generates leads and responds to SEO processes. Your website content ought to contain essential Keywords that will respond to Google's calculations with the goal that potential clients can discover you while scanning for the necessary administrations on the web. Studies have demonstrated that individuals once in a while dare to the second page of indexed lists, so you should consistently plan to highlight your site on the main page.
PluginHeads as your site content organization gives you a significant, perfect, and unique substance that helps your site (and business) remain applicable, get more hits and produce the necessary buzz through your advertising effort. Well, this is what makes Plugin Heads the best among the content writing companies in Bangalore, Delhi- NCR, Mumbai, Pune and Chandigarh.
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Video Content marketing Services

This is a distinct advantage over the print that the digital media has. A great way to engage your audience and help get your message across to a broader demographic is through good quality videos. According to Cisco's Study, by 2021, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video. Especially when it comes to social media campaigns, videos are a great marketing tool. Viral videos are great for generating buzz, accumulating hits, getting your message across, and publicizing your brand. Similarly, immersive videos on the brand website, or snappy videos for YouTube also help you engage the customers and gather subscribers. It is not necessary to spend a fortune to get the desired result.
Video Content Marketing
Graphic Designing Service

Graphic Design & SEO Content Creation Services

Graphic designing is a crucial component of web marketing because we live in a very visually-oriented world. Whether it is complimenting blog posts and website content or simplifying information processing via infographics- good graphic design services are what any brand worth its salt must invest in. It is well known that human beings tend to respond more readily to images than texts. Ask yourself how many times you have moved away from a website because the page looked dull or unattractive. Create a better first impression with good graphics. Many customers do not have the time to buffer an entire video or read through a lengthy post. However, visuals that are eye-catching may prompt them to spend an extra minute or read more, or provide them the information they want at a glance- this in turn may raise their curiosity for details. The longer you hold their attention and the more time you get from them, the better the chance of engaging them positively with your brand. Plugin Head provides you with clean, eye-catching, and high quality graphics that will not only enhance the quality of your content but also create a good impression on the customers. The designs we provide are original, engaging and aesthetically pleasing that will highlight your message and convey the vibe of your brand effectively to the audience.
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eBook Content Writing Services

You must keep in mind that different people prefer different mediums and forms when writing content. For many of them, ebooks hold more value as these can be downloaded. Of course, there are many who prefer to read at leisure and in-depth instead of reading short blogs or going through fleeting images of a video. For personal brands, ebooks are particularly effective. eBooks are a great way to gain visibility and promote your brand if you want to position yourself as an impact-maker in your field (or aspire to be in a position of leadership). A more direct way of relaying your message to your intended audience than blogs or social media is an ebook. Plugin Heads can help you design and create ebooks that will help you get your thoughts and message across and reach your target audience. We make sure that the content is oriented to generate the required leads, and is clean and crisp. Plugin Heads provides ebook content writing services in cities like Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Mohali, And Chandigarh.
ebook Content writing Services

Testimonials Curation Services

Have a number of satisfied customers but don’t know how to spread the goodwill? Plugin Head can help you by highlighting the testimonials that matter. Testimonials are essential in building up a reputation. Companies and people who have a good reputation and track record are what customers are on the lookout for. With testimonials, you can reach out to people who are looking for service providers that are trustworthy and have satisfied customers vouching for them. Plugin Head can help your customers convey their experience with your brand in the best way for reaching potential customers. Get the edge over your competitors and win over customers who are on the fence. For small businesses or service providers on local listings, testimonials can make a huge difference. Our methods are safe, ethical and effective.
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Guest Posting Service

You want to reach out to a wider audience. Plugin Head’s guest post outreach service can give you exactly that. We create well-researched, unique and quality guest blog posts that will help your website with link building. We publish high quality guest posts that direct traffic to your website and landing pages and also partner with high quality sites that are relevant to your industry. Plugin Head’s guest post service methods are 100% ethical and we strictly adhere to white hat SEO tactics. Our team hand picks sites that host relevant content by searching the internet exhaustively. We get good editorial links for our featured content and we only post on real sites with high domain authority. The content created by us is engaging, and we make sure that the anchor texts linking to your landing pages contain relevant keywords.
Content Correction

Do you have the right content?

If a customer is looking for products or services today he/she will first go to a search engine. You must have a website that has excellent content if you want to rank among the top search results. Good Content is set apart by an ideal density of focused keywords and a style that can hold the client's attention. The content of your website must succeed in lead generation if you want to be more visible on the internet. Content creation is more than simple article writing. It is writing in a way that responds to Google’s search algorithm and makes your website feature at the top during search results. Good content makes your customer find you quicker and more easily.

What is Content Services?

Remember that the virtual world is highly dynamic, and so should be your brand. Your content strategy should reflect the same enthusiasm too. Good content is one that incorporates trends, understands shifts in customer expectations, and changes with the changing marketing world. The hallmark of a good website is good content and is crucial to customer convenience. Encountering irrelevant or confusing content on your site puts off your target audience very quickly. Your website content must be clean, relevant, and to-the-point to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free customer experience. Make sure that your website content is always up to date. If you slack and stagnate, your brand will suffer too.
Content Services
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Content Marketing Agency

Why do you need a Content Marketing Agency?

You need quality content to build your brand. If your website or social media pages and profiles are saddled with poor-quality content you cannot expect to maintain your brand reputation or gain digital visibility. A good content marketing agency not only gives you content that is fresh but also ensures that it presents your brand in the best possible way to the right kind of customers. The best content and digital marketing companies in India create content that helps you to achieve your marketing goals.

Importance of Content Marketing Services

The process of gaining visibility does not stop with content creation. Marketing it correctly is of great importance too. Are you visible in the right space? Are you getting enough social media shares? How are you presenting yourself on the internet? A crucial part of any brand’s equity-building strategy is content marketing. Flooding social media channels with spams isn’t enough, it takes more. Turning a reader into a buyer requires the best experts in the field to market your content in a certain way. An integral part of this is search engine optimisation. SEO, coupled with an excellent social media strategy helps your brand become popular.
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Content Marketing Strategy

Why Plugin Head as your content marketing agency in India?

Plugin Heads has years of expertise in content production and marketing. We can help you by generating relevant content for your website and also with efficient content marketing. We help you attract and retain your target audience by providing unique, clean content. Don’t forget, search engines love excellent and up=to-date content. We make sure that your site looks professional and fresh with the right material.

Our Website Content Writing Services

The content we create responds to the current market trends since it is based on our expert market insights. Your brand will stagnate and eventually become irrelevant if your web content cannot anticipate upcoming trends or understand what your customer wants. You can be sure that you are staying ahead of your competition with Plugin Head. We, at Plugin Head, take pride in producing compelling and well-researched content. Our content helps you increase your visibility and solidifies your position as domain authority. The methods we use are efficient and ethical. Google will shut your website down slowly if it is buried under spam or is full of articles with false information or otherwise problematic stuff. Our team of experienced content writers can help clean up your website and make it more attractive. Timely and attractive content need to be generated by startups to announce their presence. Plugin Head helps you with that. Grab eyeballs for all the right reasons and stand out in this chaotic and highly populated world. Do not forget- the content on your website is a reflection of who you are. Our creative content writing services is the way to go if you want to carve your niche.
Content Writing Services
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Guest Blogging

Why Guest Blogging Services by Plugin Heads

We locate sites that are relevant to the products and services you want to promote, that cater to the same niche. We generate an increase in traffic to your website and landing pages with the help of our primary search mechanism. Plugin Head makes sure you get links from good sites that have a quick turnaround time. You can be sure that your link building activities remain scalable and spam-free with Plugin Head. Guest posting not only helps with link building, quality links also help you gain visibility on the web and improve your search engine rankings. Our team improves your brand reputation by working with good websites that magnify your online presence and also increase the domain authority with your website. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their brand identity and vision is reflected in the content we create, because we understand that every brand has it's philosophy. Our team of content creators make sure that your blog posts are engaging, unique and eye-catching and we never miss our deadlines. Your reputation is our priority and we showcase your brand values in the best possible way.

Why Plugin Heads as your Online Content Agency

We have accumulated many years of digital marketing experience. With Plugin Heads, you can be sure that not only do you have good content but that your content is also being marketed efficiently. We make sure that your brand gets presented to a wide audience and in the best possible light, through our expertise with SEO and social media marketing. You will have more success with your conversion rates as your content becomes more visible. Plugin Head aims to become the best ROI-driven digital marketing company in India. Become more visible and build your reputation by becoming our partner, and beat the competition. We make sure that all your digital and content marketing needs are taken care of. Among the several leading Indian and international organizations, our team has worked with top brands all around the world.
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