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At Plugin Heads, we have a single, true focus: making our clients successful online. We offer a host of proven solutions, ranging from initial eCommerce consulting, to eCommerce strategy, third party system integration, custom solutions, site hosting, website design, web development, and Internet marketing to a performance control. All our offerings can either be commissioned as à la carte or a comprehensive solution. And each one of our offerings are designed to maximize traffic, engagement, conversions, and loyalty. We can help whether you are considering re-platforming your existing eBusiness, or just want to selectively enhance your existing site or building an online business from scratch.

Boost online earnings using fresh content, SEO and current data insights

To safeguard the success of your eCommerce site, Plugin Head offers specialty services and solutions. We ensure your customers can easily find your business online, by optimizing your online presence to help your business rank in the best possible position. Owing to our service which is staffed with a vast, international network of Plugin Head, we are prepared to function as a supporting crowd in creating, processing, or searching for large scale amounts of data, to assist with your evolving needs in a multitude of languages.
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What we do for your eCommerce store SEO

1.) Product Descriptions - An important element of your shop is a well-written, informative product description. Customers find the solution that best fits their needs by relying on this information to easily navigate through your products. You can trust in our search optimized product descriptions to:
● Provide consumer-facing insights that help to overcome purchase inhibition and reduce the rate of returns
● Furnish you with a point of differentiation from the competition
● Organize your product pages to stand as the ideal landing page for consumers who find your business through their online search process. Critical information is included in the product description, which is needed to adequately communicate the nature of your product offering. Further attributes relevant to your merchandise, such as sizing, dimensions, color range, pricing, etc. will also be incorporated by Plugin Heads to ensure consumers have a full range of understanding with respect to your offering.

2.) Product Data Management - Enhance the overall presentation of your products with the help of accessibility to reliable and informative product data. You can take advantage of our Product Data Management solution to:
● Provide detailed product information that helps your customers make an informed purchase decision
● Maximize the usage of digitalized product data to refine the filter of your site’s search function
● Save time and resources that can be devoted to other timely activities essential to the growth of your business, such as marketing, customer service and quality assurance.
Our international pool of qualified staff at Plugin Heads can extract and digitalize all types and amounts of product data from excel spreadsheets, PDF files, print catalogues, images, and procurement portals. Our advanced solution is engineered to enable your business to then import that data directly back into your merchandise management system, shop or PIM system.

3. Product Categorization & Tagging - It is easier for customers to find what they want if you have a well-structured shop that clearly organizes products and offers by way of class and category. Use our Product Categorization and Tagging service to:
● Allow customers to easily and effortlessly navigate internal search functions
● Optimize the overall functionality of your shop
● Improve the online ranking profile of your business
Our team at Plugin Heads will classify your merchandise into relevant categories and optimize those classifications with the appropriate keyword integration.

4. Search Relevance - A website’s search functionality is heavily relied upon by consumers as part of their overall online activities. In the world of eCommerce an optimized search function is considered one of the most important usability factors. With our Search Relevance solution, you can:
● Enhance usability and user experience
● Increase overall relevance of search results
● Improve ROI as a result of organic traffic being driven to your site
Our team at Plugin Heads will examine the results of search inquiries via your search function and evaluate them according to their relevance to the given search term. The relationship of search results and queries as well as their actual or subjective relevance can be included in the evaluation, based on your request.

5. Image & Video Tagging- Brands who invest in images and video content on their sites are increasingly rewarded by Google's algorithm. Such content offers supreme value for users and not only provides a visual element to your online presence. Images and videos must be tagged with relevant keywords that render them search-friendly to ensure web crawlers can easily identify your visual content. Our Tagging Service can:
● Contribute significantly to optimal search results on your site
● Increase the visibility of your web content in search engines
● Increase the amount of visitors to your website
Our team at Plugin Heads will tag all of your images or videos with as many relevant keywords as you request, ensuring well-optimized content for your online needs.

6. Category Texts - Informational content that provide an insightful overview of your product ranges are known as Category texts. These descriptors reside above your product pages, within the navigation structure of a website. Category texts provide your business with:
● Unique and informative long-term content designed to place you in a top search engine ranking position.
● Relevant keywords that can also be used to highlight your top products via internal links, thus helping customers better navigate your site.
Our team at Plugin Heads writes category texts for long-term usage – evergreen content –requiring updates only if and when significant changes to your inventory occurs.

7. Advice Texts - Our advice texts enable your business to showcase its advanced knowledge of the market by equipping customers with information that educates, informs and delivers real value. Utilize this solution to:
● Differentiate your business from competition
● Significantly increase the visitor rate of return to your website
● Incorporate your preferred search terms into the text and initiate a notable surge in traffic to your site thanks to its upgraded SEO status
Our team of qualified workers at Plugin Heads are familiar with a broad cross-section of industries. This gives them the ability to offer practical use for your customers and readers by developing compelling advice texts that align appropriately with your company profile.

8. Glossary Texts - Adding glossaries to your online presence adds excellent value to the customer experience, providing the kind of information consumers need to make smart purchasing decisions. With our Glossary Text solution, we offer:
● A large quantity of search engine optimized, plagiarism-free content that helps land your website in a top search engine ranking position
● Expert knowledge related to your merchandise, offering considerable added value
● A reason for your customers to visit your website at regular intervals
Our team of qualified workers at Plugin Heads incorporate the keywords most relevant to your target audience, supporting high-ranked positioning for your business. We are here to support- just specify the terms or ask us to provide a list of recommendations!

9. Online Competitor Research - The online marketplace is very competitive and demands you stay abreast of the competition in order to surpass it. This requires you to invest in market intelligence that provides profound insights into the news, trends and market challengers who are trying to improve their positioning. Look for Plugin Heads to help with our Online Competitor Research solution, which is prepared to:
● Quickly verify the competition’s product offering and make comparisons to derive optimized potential
● Develop competitor customer listings via online reference material
● Provide insight into the competition’s list of delivery and payment conditions, as well as further services offered
Our network of workers at Plugin Heads can search for vast amounts of information specific to your competitive space. Data is simultaneously researched by two independent workers and is verified by assessing the consistency of the results.

10. Sentiment Analysis - The opinions of consumers on specific products, brands, manufacturers, campaigns and shops is critical information for online retailers to react quickly and appropriately to market sentiment. With our Sentiment Analysis solution, your business can:
● Gain relevant information on the mood and opinions of consumers in real time
● Have content from thousands of informational sources evaluated quickly
● Ensure that moods are evaluated correctly and in the overall context of content
● Receive the basic data needed to react quickly to negative sentiment and take corrective measure
All formats of texts, video and audio files can be reviewed, evaluated or categorized by our team at Plugin Heads according to your specified criteria, ensuring you have the kind of consumer intelligence that leads to action.

11. Surveys- Market research data is valuavble for companies with respect to the decision making process around the products, services and appropriate target markets a business wishes to penetrate. With our Survey solution, your business can:
● Get access to a large pool of potential survey participants from all over the world
● Receive relevant and timely information from and about your target group
● Get feedback on products, services and new ideas and craft solutions before market launch to optimize outcomes.
As survey participants, our team at Plugin Heads is available to answer your questionnaire or provide feedback on selected topics to help refine your business plan.

Ecommerce services we offer

Ecommerce Consulting

We consider it our duty to help you systematically optimize your ebusiness. To that end, we offer targeted consulting services in whatever ecommerce area you require assistance - from integrating the appropriate site search, to choosing the right platform to developing a customized ecommerce strategy, to enhancing the commercial and technical performance of your online venture.

Ecom merce Strategy

We use our proprietary ERS (Ecommerce Requirements Specifications) methodology to ensure proper strategic planning. In the process, we frequently adopt our proven MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach. What that means for you? Instead of having you wait for your new, sophisticated website to be complete and lose out on valuable revenue in the interim, we quickly present you with a comprehensive, compact, viable solution, gradually adding more complex features as we go. This way while we continue to enhance your ebusiness, you can keep selling online.

User Interface Consultation

We systematically optimize the user experience, so you can maximize online conversions, average order values, and overall revenues.

Ecommerce Website Design

We use cutting-edge technology when designing or redesigning your online presence, to radically enhance the look and feel of your website, maximize user comfort, and effectively support your brand personality.

Custom Solutions

We carefully adapt each and every one of our eCommerce solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers - and theirs.

Third-Party Application Integration

We seamlessly integrate a wide variety of third party solutions, ranging from POS and ERP systems, to sophisticated site features, to fulfillment solutions, reporting and analytics applications, to email marketing programs. We also support you in uncovering additional revenue streams: Plugin Heads works with Amazon Marketplace, Channel Advisor, and a variety of other sales channels to help you simultaneously service multiple channels, and provide a truly integrated omnichannel retail environment for your clients.

Support & Maintenance

Regardless of traffic peaks and maintenance works, once your ebusiness is up, we help you ensure it is always running smoothly. We also offer a 24/7 support service and a 99.5% uptime SLA guarantee.

Ecommerce Hosting

Leveraging state-of-the-art, dynamic, auto-scaling technology, we provide solutions that are safe, secure, and consistently available, maximizing online revenues while minimizing hosting costs.

Ecommerce Internet Marketing

In addition to complete online marketing strategies, we provide advanced PPC, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, media buying and additional services to drive relevant traffic to your ebusiness.

Site Audits / Performance Control

We minimize loading speed and offer advanced monitoring, KPI dashboards and analytics to guarantee your site excels - commercially and technically. If you have any questions about one of our eCommerce services or interested in a complete, end-to-end eCommerce solution package, call or email us. Or better yet, you may schedule a demo below. We would love to hear from you and will get back to you within one business day.

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